/Answering all of your burning questions

Answering all of your burning questions

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Since we all have been home pretty much 24/7 recently self-isolating, we thought it would be fun to do a laid-back family episode for the podcast week. I asked on Instagram what questions you’d love for us to discuss as a family, and you all submitted such great ideas.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Our individual pet peeves (and Jesse schools us on the origin of “pet peeve”)
  • How the kids feel about fostering
  • One tradition the kids loved from when they were younger (their answer totally surprised me!)
  • A few favorite family activities while social distancing + favorite board games & a snack we all love
  • Whether the kids think they’d like to be homeschooled again
  • Some of the kids’ favorite books
  • Sibling rivalry —  what our kids argue over the most & how they resolve conflict
  • Our thoughts and feelings as we look forward to having two newborns soon
  • Where we’d like to travel to once it’s safe to travel again — my answer got a little deep and serious (I hadn’t prepped what I was going to say, so it kind of surprised me!)

Pull up a chair and enjoy a sitting in and listening on a very typical dinnertime conversation at our house (well, except I don’t usually come with a long list of questions!)

In This Episode: 

[01:24] We share our individual pet peeves. 

[04:43] How do the kids feel about fostering? 

[06:00] What traditions do the kids remember from when they were little? 

[10:45] Would the kids ever want to be homeschooled again?

[13:47] The kids share the books that they love.

[15:30] Sibling rivalry and how they work through disagreements.

[19:06] Our thoughts and feelings on having two newborns at our house soon.

[25:38] Where do we want to go once it’s safe to travel again? 

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