/Tiny Prayers from the Epicenter

Tiny Prayers from the Epicenter

Tiny Prayers from the Epicenter

Micah Bucey is one of S&P’s film reviewers. A United Church of Christ-ordained minister, he currently serves Judson Memorial Church of New York City, a congregation committed to curiously seeking the intersections between spirituality, justice, and creativity. For the past week, he has been posting short prayers on his Facebook page that touch upon the concerns of populations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. He kindly agreed to let us share his posts, to bring you fresh energy and inspiration:

March 24th Tiny Prayer (for Terrence McNally):
Thank you for giving unapologetically vibrant voice to queer love that will live forever, outlasting viruses that might kill bodies, but never Truth.

March 25th Tiny Prayer (for Healthcare Workers):
May you have enough moments of breath, enough moments of rest, enough voices saying, “You’ve got this,” enough moments of simple calm in the midst of this storm, as you fight so lovingly to make sure we all have the same.

March 26th Tiny Prayer (for Faith Leaders):
May you remember that many of us don’t so much need to be brought back to a rock-solid, fail-safe faith, but rather invited into an authentic conversation about fear, mystery, and death, in order to find new ways to live.

March 27th Tiny Prayer (for those who are afraid):
May you use the fears that keep you alert to caring for yourself and others, reshape the fears that nudge you toward new ways of knowing yourself and others, and dismiss the fears that lie and tell you neither is possible.

March 28th Tiny Prayer (for Artists):
May the spark of inspiration that so thrilled you last night, then seemed completely trite this morning, let you rest for a bit, then bubble back up through your imagination, messy with new energy, begging to be explored as only you can.

March 29th Tiny Prayer (for our bodies):
‪May you do exactly what you are meant to do, giving us information, telling us where the pain is, moving to rhythms of heart and lung, calling our attention not only to parts in need but also to all parts working beautifully together.

March 30th Tiny Prayer (for Elected Officials):
May you care more about humans than attention, more about lives than markets, may you admit what you don’t know and own up to what you do, and may you remember that current reality must be faced in order to truly shape a future.

March 31st Tiny Prayer (for Lorena Borjas*):
Thank you for embodying true motherhood as a daily mix of transforming pain into passion, reorganizing in the face of organized oppression, demanding community-building over wall-building, teaching the powerful to use it well, and empowering those who fear they have none.

* Lorena Rojas is a Mexican immigrant and activist for the rights of the transgender community. She died on March 30 from COVID-19 complications.

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